Brake Levers

  • AVID FR-5 Brake Lever set
    Making brakes that slow down a bike is easy. But making them light, powerful, efficient, adjustable and ergonomically perfect for your hand takes a lot of experience and smart design. That's the stuff that Avid® has made look so easy for 17 years

    Developed to work seamlessly with the Ball Bearing Disc Brake, it’s the most affordable way to add Avid quality and compatibility to your disc or rim brake system.

    Features & Benefits

    Aluminum Handle
    Light weight and strong

    Flat Rate Cable Pull
    Linear actuation

    Compact Length
    Allows 1 or 2 finger use

    Bend Zone™
    Designed to bend the handle, not damage the body

    Reach Adjuster
    Fits any sized hand

    Silver or Black

    155 grams
  • AVID Speed Dial 7 Brake Lever Set
    Your new main squeeze
    Built around one of Avid’s original breakthrough designs, the Speed Dial 7 is the smooth and powerful way to control linear pull or mechanical disc brakes. They are super easy to install and adjust—so you can dial in the modulation just the way you like.

    Weight 175 grams (per pair)
    Lever Material Aluminum, Reversible
    Finish Graphite Grey Body, Black Lever Blade
    Adjustment Reach Adjustment, Speed Dial Leverage Adjustment, Qwik-Adjust Barrel Adjuster
    Special Features Bend Zone
    Compatibility Mechanical disc brakes, Linear-pull brakes
  • CANE CREEK Crosstop levers
    These bar-top levers are the sensible choice for Cyclocross bikes.
    They are designed to work in-line with traditional drop bar shifter/levers to provide additional braking control position on the top of handlebars. Crosstops are compatible with caliper or cantilever brakes.

    Available in two different sizes to fit 26.0mm and 31.8mm handlebars.

    Available with aluminium lever


    Machined aluminum lever and bracket (hinged for assembly ease).

    A neat 2.5mm hex bolt takes up tolerances in the pivot, assuring you of no “slop” in the lever action.
    cold-forged aluminum lever, die-cast aluminum bracket

    96g pair - Aluminium Lever
  • Saltplus Geo Brake Lever
    Material: 6061-T6 cold forged alloy

    Features: Left or right version available, very strong hinged clamp design, designed by Saltplus

    Colours: Black

    Weight: 92g
  • eclat Sniper Brake Lever Black
    The Sniper is a more refined lever, a sleeker looking model but still using cold-forged 6066-T6 alloy and utilizing all the modern elements from our previous levers.

    One of the main differences with our levers is the attention to detail we put into the barrel joint, in the past levers have always suffered here with over tightening and threading. Éclat use stronger cromoly in this area so the brake alignment is never compromised while tightening the barrel.

    Material: Cold Forged 6066-T6 alloy

    Colours: Black

    Features: left or right versions available / Unique clasp design, very strong hinge construction / perfect shaped lever geometry / improved knuckle space

    Weight: 94g
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