Disc Brakes

  • AVID BB7 Road Disc Brakes
    Smooth, powerful braking performance that’s simple to set up and easy to adjust. Bad weather or rough roads? Not even a factor with BB7’s reliable mechanical performance.
  • AVID BB7 MTB Disc Brakes
    With gobs of beautifully modulated power and intuitive easy-to-use adjustability, the BB7s set the standard in the realm of mechanical disc brakes.
  • AVID BB7 Road SL Mechainical Disc Brakes
    This race-ready mechanical disc brake takes the proven power and performance of BB7 and dials it up a few notches with its sleek “Falcon Grey” anodizing and weight-saving hardware.
  • AVID Code Brake (no rotor)
    Gravity is your friend - but sometimes you have to keep it in check. CODE™ brakes give you the freedom to let it all hang out on the most fearsome freeride or downhill terrain while knowing you're always in control.
  • AVID Code R Disc Brake (no rotor)
    Code’s little brother just got tougher. With an all new, forged dual-diameter, four-piston caliper, Code R offers increased power without compromising control or feel
  • Hope Stealth Race E4 EVO Brake Front or Rear
    Race Evo lever matched with our E4 caliper offers an all-round race light package
  • Hope Stealth Race M4 EVO Brake Front or Rear
    The Race Evo lever matched with the X2 caliper offers the lightest XC brake system we produce
  • Hope Stealth Race X2 EVO Brake Front or Rear
    The Race Evo lever matched with the X2 caliper offers the lightest XC brake system we produce
  • Hope Tech 3 E4 Brake Front or Rear
    Tech 3 lever matched with the E4 caliper offers an excellent brake, perfect for the all mountain enduro rider
  • Hope Tech 3 V4 Brake Front or Rear
    Tech 3 lever matched with the V4 caliper offers an excellent brake for the most serious of downhill tracks
  • Shimano Deore M615 Brake
    The latest evolution of legendary SHIMANO MTB technology|| • Intuitive Dyna-Sys gear combination bring rider, bike, and trail together
  • Shimano SLX M675 Brakes
    The new SLX SERVO-WAVE hydraulic disc brake provides huge progress in braking, control and heat management. The new compact caliper with oversized one-way bleeding 22mm ceramic pistons is combined with a lightweight lever. The lever is lighter than the current version, yet provides more brake power!
  • Shimano Saint M820 Brakes
    The new Saint disc brake embraces Shimano ICE Technology and advances it, reducing heat and improving performance through multiple combined features. In addition to finned brake pads, self insulating ceramic pistons and three layer rotor construction, new M820 disc brake systems will also see the introduction of a 30mm aluminum banjo fitting and an innovative finned rotor, that reduce operating temperatures by increasing the convective surface area. The new SM-RT99 Ultimate Clad rotor is a significant performance enhancement reducing heat by 50 degrees, creating 20% more stopping power, eliminating brake fade and increasing pad life. A new, longer 30mm banjo fitting extending from the caliper further reduces heat at a critical location where oil transitions from hose to caliper. Saint shares the excellent ergonomics and system stiffness found on Zee brake systems and is also ISPEC compatible.
  • Shimano XT M785 Brakes
    DEORE XT Disc Brake Systems - Improve control, consistency and confidence with ceramic pistons and Ice-Technologies rotors and pads.
  • Shimano XTR M988 Brakes
    The new XTR Trail lever delivers big power. As the first XTR lever equipped with Servo-Wave, riders can precisely control 25 percent more power with highly-adjustable and responsive one-finger braking. When coupled with the XTR Trail lever, the new forged one-piece caliper delivers a balance of light weight and power that resists performance-sapping heat better than ever before thanks to an industry-first full-ceramic piston and optional Ice Technology radiator brake pads
  • Shimano XTR Race M9000 Brakes
    Thanks to improved control, heat reduction and ergonomics, you’ll seamlessly react to terrain changes with the highest level of braking confidence. The BL-M9000 brake lever has an overall lighter weight thanks to carbon lever blades and magnesium master cylinder.

    The M9000 Race brake has race-tuned power and overall lighter weight thanks to a magnesium caliper and titanium mountaing bolts, aluminum backed pad and superior heat management thanks to an insulated piston and insulated pad coating.
  • Shimano XTR Trail M9020 Brakes
    Thanks to improved control, SERVO-WAVE and ergonomics, you’ll seamlessly react to terrain changes with the highest level of braking confidence. The BL-M9020 brake lever is trail-tuned for power and stiffness using a new SERVO-WAVE lever with new carbon/alloy structure for smooth lever activation.

    The BL-M9020 brake lever is trail-tuned for power and stiffness using high rigidity pre-loaded aluminium calipers, ICE TECHNOLOGIES radiator pads and insulated pistons for the ultimate in heat control
  • Shimano Zee M640 Brake
    The new Zee hydraulic disc brake system includes shorty style levers and a powerfull 4-piston brake caliper just like its big brother "Saint". Brakes will come outfitted with proven Ice Technologies brake pads that help keep your brakes running cool in even the most extreme downhill conditions.
  • Sram DB 1 Brakes
    Great value. Zero compromises.
    The only thing entry-level about the DB1 is its price tag. With a robust design and a crisp, precise feel—thanks to its Power Reserve Geometry and increased negative volume—the DB1 punches above its weight. This brake also features a streamlined Flip-Flop lever design with a low-profile, single-bolt clamp for convenience. When it comes to better braking performance, the smart money is on DB1.
  • Sram DB 3 Brakes
    More control. More confidence. More fun.
    When you’re tackling rough trails, nothing affects your confidence and control more than your brakes. With increased negative volume to combat heat expansion, plus powerful larger-caliper pistons, DB3 gives you the juice to up your game. And a new bladder material reduces air bubbles, ensuring power and consistency on every ride.
  • Sram DB 5 Brakes
    Calm, cool and collected. The SRAM DB5 is a no-nonsense champion for mountain bikers who want to ride bigger, steeper and harder, but who also want money left over to get there. DirectLink lever technology puts positive brake feel at your fingertips while the large-volume reservoir and proven two-piston design provide plenty of control when you need it.
  • Sram Guide R Brakes
    What’s it going to take to ride that line? It’s steep. It’s rocky. You’ve passed it a hundred times. But not this time. With the all-new SRAM Guide R, you have the power. Proven 4-piston calipers give you smooth, one-finger control. Features like Reach Adjust let you dial it in just right. And Guide perfectly complements other SRAM components and gives you flawless performance on every ride.


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