Rim Brakes

  • AVID Shorty 6 Brake
    Recommended for those who just love the dirt and mud so much that pad replacement expense can mean the difference between affording dinner or not. The Rim Wrangler cartridge pads enhance braking performance as well.
  • Avid Single Digit 5 Brake Front or Rear
    Light, powerful, one finger braking
    Stiff and efficient forged aluminum arms that don't weigh a ton. The FVA design reduces boss movement and ensures more energy reaches the rim – where you want the energy to go.
  • Saltplus ECHO U-Brake
    Material: 6061-T6 cold forged alloy

    Features: Incl. Saltplus "Propeller" clear brake pads and required hardware (bolts, etc) usable only on rear, no flex design

    Colours: Black / Polished

    Weight: 192g
  • eclat The Unit U-Brake
    Remember, not everyone uses his or her feet to stop these days. The Unit brake is a low-profile designed brake; compatible with rear brake mounts only. The Unit brake is constructed of cold-forged 6066-T6 alloy and comes equipped with éclat’s exclusive new force brake pads with female bolts.

    The straddle hook has been improved since development and now includes pressed barrels. The Unit’s straightforward design allows for precise fine-tuning. Save your soles with éclat’s Unit braking system.

    Material: Cold Forged 6066-T6 alloy

    Colours: Black, Polished

    Features: éclat’s exclusive new force brake pads with female bolts / Unique cnc'd cable hanger and éclat straddle cable /Sleek low profile design & forged alloy resists flex / Updated version with special cable (with logo) and modified cable hook position

    Weight: 171g (complete)
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