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Wellingtons premier bike store Cycle Science now has a huge range of Surly Bikes smashed into one location for easier searching
  • Surly Big Dummy
    Big Dummy is built around the Longtail standard design platform, which means that Xtracycle or Surly accessories can be added depending on what you want to carry, or you can build your own to meet whatever hauling needs you have.
    NZ$ 2,849.00
  • Surly ECR
    Attention bike camp/exploration nerds! Are you sitting down? Behold ECR. ECR is a sure-footed, multi-terrain, offroad-obsessed 29+ camp bike. It’s something of a lovechild borne of our Krampus, Ogre and Long Haul Trucker.
    NZ$ 3,279.00
  • Surly Karate Monkey 27.5+
    Years ago the Karate Monkey helped start the 29” wheel movement and, as time’s gone by, many companies ­– Surly included – have experimented with even more wheel sizes.
    NZ$ 2,599.00
  • Surly Krampus
    Five years ago, we launched the Krampus because we wanted something that was more than a mountain bike but less than a fatbike. We dubbed it a “plus bike” and set it loose on the world. It turns out, people were in to it.
    NZ$ 2,558.41
  • Surly Ogre Brown 2017
    If you’re like us, your bike needs will likely change by the day, week, month or year. Ogre can get you to your job during the week, then way out of town on the weekend. It’s not sluggish on pavement or gravel and can also hold its own on singletrack.
    NZ$ 3,145.00
    NZ$ 2,999.00
  • Surly Steamroller Singlespeed & Framesets
    The Steamroller is the bicycle in its simplest form — the fixie. You may be thinking, “Fixies are so 2008” or “All the blogs I read say I should like something different now.” Well, the Steamroller is different.
    NZ$ 1,399.00
  • Surly Troll
    Off-road touring can be a zesty enterprise, but it’s not without its perils. Bicycles are simple machines that are extremely efficient, but all simple machines carry along with them the chance of breaking down.
    NZ$ 2,759.00
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