Front Light

  • NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost
    • All New Collimator Lens, distributes a generous even widespread beam pattern
    • Boost Mode, double tap power button to unleash maximum LED output at 1200 lumens!
    NZ$ 169.90
  • NiteRider Lumina Micro 850
    Producing 850 brilliant lumens, the NiteRider® Lumina™ Micro 850 is smaller, lighter, and more compact than the original Lumina™ series. Its compact profile and high light output make the Lumina™ Micro 850 ideal for helmet mounted applications, helmet mount available as an optional accessory.
    NZ$ 89.90
  • NiteRider Lumina Micro 650
    Big things come in small packages and the NiteRider® Lumina™ Micro 650 is the proof. The Lumina™ Micro 650 delivers a powerful punch with 650 lumens of light output, helping you to safely navigate your ride. Allowing you to see and be seen.
    NZ$ 74.90
  • NiteRider Swift 500
    The NiteRider® Swift™ 500 delivers everyday reliable performance in an economical ultra compact head light. Sporting features like an easy on and off handlebar strap mount, low battery indicator and to top it off, it’s USB Rechargeable; making it the perfect light of choice for commuters and cycling enthusiasts.
    NZ$ 54.90
  • NiteRider Swift 300
    The NiteRider® Swift™ 300 delivers everyday reliable performance in an economical ultra compact head light. Sporting features like an easy on and off handlebar strap mount, low battery indicator and to top it off, it’s USB Rechargeable; making
    NZ$ 44.90
  • Gemini Duo 1500 Lumen Light Set
    A wirelessly controlled 1500 lumen light bundled with a built-in handlebar mount, helmet mount, and a head strap. At a lean 190g with the 2-cell battery, the Duo strikes the perfect balance for power and comfort as the head light of choice.
    Comes in a semi-hard carry case.
    NZ$ 299.00
    NZ$ 269.10
  • Gemini Olympia 2100 Lumen LED Light Set
    Without a doubt the most versatile workhorse light in our range. Punching 2100 lumens and fully equipped with a built-in handlebar mount, helmet mount, and a head strap. The Olympia weighs 323g with the 4-cell battery and emits a wide, even beam. Ideally suited for the handlebars.
    NZ$ 430.00
    NZ$ 387.00
  • Gemini Titan 4000 Lumen LED Light Set
    Hands down the most powerful bike light we've ever made. The Titan's design ethos was inspired by endurance desert racing – to pack power in a minimalist profile. A low and wide footprint optimizes airflow over the aluminum chassis enabling for rapid cooling.
    NZ$ 570.00
    NZ$ 513.00
  • Gemini Xera 950 Lumen Light Set
    A powerful and compact 950 lumen light bundled with a built-in handlebar mount, helmet mount and a head strap. Featherlight at 177g with the 2-cell battery, it's ideal for helmet and head strap mounted applications.
    NZ$ 220.00
    NZ$ 198.00
  • Gemini Xera Flashlight 850 Lumens
    Fit your XERA Flashlight into your pocket to take anywhere with you or snap it on your handlebar with the included bike mount.
    With 850 lumens at your disposal, you'll have plenty of power for that midnight ride or turn it down to 170 lumens and have plenty of power for any task. It's bright white color emanates from a CREE XM-L U2 LED emitter.
    NZ$ 180.00
    NZ$ 160.00
  • Gloworm Alpha 1200 Lumens 2018
    The latest development from Gloworm Performance Products – The all new Gloworm Alpha! This small form 1200 Lumen light sets the benchmark for quality, lightweight and affordable night riding like no other.
    NZ$ 259.00
    NZ$ 233.10
  • Gloworm X2 Adventure Lightset 1700 Lumens 2018
    The X2 Adventure is the svelte brother of the Original X2. The X2 Adventure features the same specifications as the X2 with the exception of the Battery and Runtime. The X2 Adventure is shipped with a 2 cell battery (Half the size and weight of the 4 cell version), allowing the system to be used more comfortably on a headstrap or helmet without too much loss of runtime.
    NZ$ 360.00
    NZ$ 325.00
  • Gloworm CX Urban 900 Lumens 2018
    The revolutionary CX takes innovation to a new level. The CX is much more than a well priced commuter light – the CX series takes all-in-one lighting into the future. The CX uses custom replaceable optics to produce a beam perfect for the desired application, for convenience it is USB chargeable and can be mounted seamlessly on the bars or helmet.
    NZ$ 269.00
    NZ$ 242.10
  • Ostar SG-T2200 USB Front Light 2200 Lumens
    Most advanced Cree LED, XM-L2 LEDs as emitter
    Unique function: built-in coolant liquid for heat dissipation
    User-friendly independent switch on handle bar, easy operation while cycling
    NZ$ 199.99
    NZ$ 169.99
    15% OFF
  • Ostar Thumb 2 USB Front Light 1000 Lumens
    SG-Thumb II is Ostar’s most powerful MTB light for night riding. Its ultra-lightweight and tiny size design adds no weight and saves lots space for night riders. Its powerful light beam and long work time makes it even better.
    NZ$ 99.99
    NZ$ 84.99
    15% OFF
  • Ontrack Rayzor USB Front Light
    High Lumen COB white LED
    USB rechargeable
    Versatile mounting bracket
    5 light modes
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Blackburn Click USB Front Light
    Free yourself from the hassle of batteries! This small but essential accessory makes you visible to traffic. Bright side beams throw off additional light, and the silicone mount fits almost any handlebar. A Micro-USB cable makes it easy—just charge, click and go!
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Blackburn 2'Fer Front and Rear Light
    One really smart, compact usb rechargeable light that acts as either a front or a rear
    NZ$ 44.99
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Blackburn Click Lights
    Our insanely minimalist CLICK rear lights are incredibly visible to drivers, yet nearly invisible on your bike. A simple 'click' of the lens will power up 2 LEDs that pump out 18 lumens of beautiful, bright light that is even visible from the side of your bike for cross traffic
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Blackburn Voyager Click Light
    Voyager Click Front Lights
    Fast, easy to use, bright, and reliable.
    2 Superbright white LEDS
    Press lens to turn on
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Blackburn 2'FER XL Front or Rear Light
    The 2'Fer-XL is the big brother of our popular 2'Fer light. This light works hard, pulling double duty as either a 200 lumens front or 40 lumens rear light, depending on your needs.
    NZ$ 59.90
  • Blackburn Central 100 Front Light
    Your own personal safety beacon of light. Our CENTRAL light series signals traffic in all directions to watch out, and keep their distance. Take the lane and feel safe knowing you’re seen....
    NZ$ 54.99
    NZ$ 45.00

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