Rear Light

  • Ontrack Glare 5 LED Rear Light
    The Ontrack Glare lights provide great safety and visibility on the roads. The Glare rear is a 6 function, 5 LED light that is visible up to 800mtrs, is water resistant and has a long battery life.
    Batteries included
    Also available in front
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Ontrack - Tracer Silicone - Rear
    Seat stay mounted

    0.5 Watt

    4 Red LED rear light

    Silicone casing
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Ontrack Nano Flash 2 LED Rear light
    The Ontrack "Nano" lights are small, innovative lights that are bright and handy for strapping almost anywhere.
    Both front and rear are available and come with a long lasting lithium battery. Also available in front (LI-4F)
    NZ$ 14.98
  • Ontrack Rayzor USB Rear Light
    High Lumen COB white LED
    USB rechargeable
    Versatile mounting bracket
    5 light modes
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Blackburn Click Lights
    Our insanely minimalist CLICK rear lights are incredibly visible to drivers, yet nearly invisible on your bike. A simple 'click' of the lens will power up 2 LEDs that pump out 18 lumens of beautiful, bright light that is even visible from the side of your bike for cross traffic
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Blackburn Click USB Rear Light
    Just press the lens and, click, traffic can see you! A silicone mount lets you attach this powerful little light almost anywhere, and the handy LED Fuel Gauge tells you when it’s time to recharge with its Micro-USB cable. No more batteries—just charge, click and go!
    NZ$ 34.99
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Blackburn Central 20 Rear Light
    Your own personal safety beacon of light. Our CENTRAL light series signals traffic in all directions to watch out, and keep their distance. Take the lane and feel safe knowing you’re seen.
    NZ$ 54.99
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Blackburn Local 10 Rear Light
    Our most affordable LOCAL rear light is powered by a single super bright LED.
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Blackburn Local 20 Rear Light
    The brightest of the LOCAL rear lights with an extruded alloy shell for extra durability.
    NZ$ 34.90
  • Blackburn 2'Fer Front and Rear Light
    One really smart, compact usb rechargeable light that acts as either a front or a rear
    NZ$ 44.99
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Blackburn 2'FER XL Front or Rear Light
    The 2'Fer-XL is the big brother of our popular 2'Fer light. This light works hard, pulling double duty as either a 200 lumens front or 40 lumens rear light, depending on your needs.
    NZ$ 59.90
  • BBB Rear Light Spark
    Lightweight and compact USB rechargeable rear light.
    NZ$ 49.99
    NZ$ 44.99
  • Gemini Iris Rear Light (180 Lumen)
    Be Visible with 180 Lumens.
    With 180 lumens, the incredibly small, yet powerful, Gemini IRIS LED Rear Light will let other road users know exactly where you are, allowing you to ride your bike with confidence.
    NZ$ 119.00
    NZ$ 107.10
  • NiteRider Omega 300
    Packed with 3 high-performance LEDs, the all-new Omega™ 300 raises the bar within NiteRider® line of Daylight Visible Flash tail lights. The Omega™ 300 is designed and regulated to maximize output and runtime, boasting a hearty 6-hour runtime in its brightest Daylight Visible Flash mode setting.
    NZ$ 74.90
  • NiteRider Sabre 80
    The NiteRider® Sabre™ 80 is a super bright, lightweight USB rechargeable LED tail light. It utilizes a multi LED array designed for eye catching visibility in both day and night.
    NZ$ 44.90
  • NiteRider Sentinel 150 USB Rear Light
    The NiteRider® Sentinel™ 150 incorporates three powerful LEDs to produce a retina searing, daylight visible, 150 lumens. Allowing you to be seen day or night. The Sentinel™ has 5 modes,
    NZ$ 99.95
    NZ$ 74.95
    25% OFF
  • NiteRider Solas 250
    The NiteRider® Solas™ 250 uses two powerful LEDs to produce an amazing 250 lumens of light output. It features 4 modes (2 flash / 2 steady) and is USB rechargeable. We’ve implemented what we call “Group Ride Mode” for cyclists who want to stay visible but not distract others in the pack.
    NZ$ 64.89
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