Rear Light

  • Ontrack - Rear Light - Beacon
    Super bright red 1/2 watt led.
    Visible up to 1000mtrs with two flashing and steady modes.
    Now Available in a set- see "Beacon set" LI-7S
  • Ontrack - Rear Light - Beacon II
    New for 2010 the super bright, super wide red, double 1/2 watt led.
    Visible up to 1500mtrs with two flashing and steady modes.
  • Ontrack - Tracer Silicone - Rear
    Seat stay mounted

    0.5 Watt

    4 Red LED rear light

    Silicone casing
  • BBB - RearLight - Spark
    Lightweight and compact USB rechargeable rear light.
  • Blackburn Central 20 Rear Light
    Your own personal safety beacon of light. Our CENTRAL light series signals traffic in all directions to watch out, and keep their distance. Take the lane and feel safe knowing you’re seen.
  • Blackburn Click USB Rear Light
    Just press the lens and, click, traffic can see you! A silicone mount lets you attach this powerful little light almost anywhere, and the handy LED Fuel Gauge tells you when it’s time to recharge with its Micro-USB cable. No more batteries—just charge, click and go!
  • Blackburn Local 10 Rear Light
    Our most affordable LOCAL rear light is powered by a single super bright LED.
  • Cateye EL460RC Volt 50 Lumen Rear Light
    Powerful enough to be seen in the day light or rainy, foggy weather. The compact, rechargeable Volt50 tail light emits 50 lumens for optimum visibility on the road. It has four modes: Constant, Flashing, Rapid and Pulse. The low battery indicator provides a quick reference that it's time to recharge. Mounts to the saddle with included saddle rail mount.
  • Cateye LD110 Loop Rear Light
    Safety light design comes full circle with the CatEye Loop. This versatile, lightweight LED is the latest innovation in visibility. This light is uniquely designed to throw light in nearly all directions for added visibility. The go-anywhere elastic mount lets you customize your gear and quickly change configurations to keep your ride safe. CatEye Loop attaches easily and securely to handlebars, seat posts, and almost anywhere else. CatEye Loop features simple push-button operation, powerful constant and flashing modes and is available in white and red, front and rear styles. Another great formula from CatEye: Ride. Return. Repeat.
  • Cateye LD130-R Nima Rear Light
    The Nima lights’ semi-transparent casing lets the light shine through, yielding greater side-visibility. Handlebar or seat post, Nima mounts in seconds using the included heavy- duty band. Nima lights have 4 modes: Rapid, Pulse, Flashing and Constant. ClickTecTM ‘push & click’ simple operation makes it easy to change modes. Both the front and rear versions are available in Chrome Black, Matte Silver and Matte Red.
  • Cateye LD135-R Omni 3 Rear Light
    Awesome triple-LED performance at an economical price. The Omni 3 rear light tail provides 360 degrees of visibility and New Omni Directional Technology increases safety while three modes – rapid, flashing and constant, let you decide how flashy you want to be. Two AAA batteries provide up to 200 hours of run time. CatEye exclusive FlexTight bracket and included clothing clip allow you to mount the Omni 3 virtually anywhere you’d like.
  • Cateye LD170-R Rear Light
    ■ High brightness with three LED, low power consumption light
    ■ Switch easily at the touch of a button is lit or flashing
    ■ mounting band of universal type, easily attach to the seat post, seat stay
    ■ type clip that is attached to the bag or pocket
  • Cateye LD611-R Rapid 1 Rear Light
    The CatEye Rapid 1 head and tail-lights are USB rechargeable safety lights that feature a high-power SMD-LED with OptiCube technology and a unique rapid flashing pattern that quickly grabs motorists’ attention.

    The included USB charger rapidly rejuvenates the built in Li-Ion battery and a low-battery indicator reminds you when the charge is getting low. 4 modes give you a choice of visibility options for both nighttime and daytime safety.

    Both the white Front Rapid 1 and the red Rear Rapid 1 comes with the newly designed low-profile SP-12 FlexTight™ bracket. Compatible with the all-new RM-1 Saddle Rail bracket, the rear rack bracket and the clothing clip, available separately.
  • Cateye LD630-R Rapid 3 Rear Light
    Maximum attention. The CatEye Rapid 3 tail safety light includes a high power center SMD-LED and two 5mm LEDs for outstanding visibility.

    Three modes allow you to customize your visibility. The rapid mode is an all out attention grabber, using all 3 LEDs in a unique pattern guaranteed to get you noticed. The flashing mode foregoes the high-power center LED to save blinding your riding buddies, while the constant mode adds a daytime safety option.

    The included AA battery will run the Rapid 3 for up to 80hrs and comes with the SP-11 FlexTight™ bracket. Compatible with the all-new RM-1 Saddle Rail bracket and the clothing clip, available separately.
  • Cateye LD700-R Rapid X Rear Light
    The USB Rechargeable Rapid X provides a bright, powerful glow with incredible side visibility. When the battery runs low, the low battery “Auto Save” function automatically changes the light pattern from the current mode to flashing, providing an additional hour of riding safety. 6 modes. 2 Hour charge time.
  • NiteRider 2018 Sabre 80
    The NiteRider® Sabre™ 80 is a super bright, lightweight USB rechargeable LED tail light. It utilizes a multi LED array designed for eye catching visibility in both day and night. With the addition of amber colored side lights, the Sabre™ 80 provides 180 degrees of protection.
  • NiteRider - Sentinel 150 USB
    The Sentinel 40 lumen Light has a powerful 40 Lumen LED, 5 modes, is USB rechargeable and has a brand new safety feature, Laser Lanes! The Laser Lanes mode is designed to project ultra bright laser lines on the ground, giving the rider their own virtual lane.
  • NiteRider - Solas 150 USB
    The NiteRider® Solas™ 150 use two powerful LEDs to produce an amazing 150 lumens of light output. It features 4 modes (2 flash / 2 steady) and is USB rechargeable. We’ve implemented what we call “Group Ride Mode” for cyclists who want to stay visible but not distract others in the pack
    FL1 Standard IP64, water resistant
    The Ontrack "Nano" lights are small, innovative lights that are bright and handy for strapping almost anywhere.
    Both front and rear are available and come with a long lasting lithium battery.
  • Blackburn Click Lights
    Our insanely minimalist CLICK rear lights are incredibly visible to drivers, yet nearly invisible on your bike. A simple 'click' of the lens will power up 2 LEDs that pump out 18 lumens of beautiful, bright light that is even visible from the side of your bike for cross traffic
  • Ontrack Blaze - Rear
    The Ontrack Blaze lights provide great visibility and safe cycling under all conditions.
    The Blaze rear light is a 4 function, 5 LED wide beam light that comes with a universal quick release bracket.
    The Blaze front light is a 6 function, 5 LED light with a wide beam, visible to 800mtrs and long battery life.
    Batteries supplied for all lights.
    The Blaze lights come as a set or sold seperately.
  • Ontrack Glare - Rear
    The Ontrack "Glare" lights are bright and provide great safety and visibility on the roads.
    The Glare front is a 2 function 5 LED light with a battery life of up to 150hrs.
    The Glare rear is a 6 function, 5 LED light that is visile up to 800mtrs and is water resistant with a long battery life.
    Batteries are supplied with both lights. The Glare lights are sold as a set or seperately.

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