• ENVE M9 Handle Bar
    The M9 bar is an 810mm wide, purpose-built, carbon downhill bar. Designed around a 31.8mm clamp diameter and our downhill flex-profile, this bars celebrated ride-feel defined the potential of a DH carbon bar and set the proverbial bar for DH performance.
    NZ$ 289.00
  • ENVE M7 Handle Bar
    The M7 bar is an 800mm wide, 240g carbon riser bar. Carbon is the ideal material for a gravity bar because fiber orientation and bar pro file can be controlled independently resulting in a tuned flex-profile that cannot be
    NZ$ 289.00
  • ENVE M6 Handle Bar
    The M6 bar is a 780mm wide, 200g carbon riser bar. Available in a traditional 25mm rise or the bare minimum 7.5mm rise, both bars sweep back 9 degrees and up 5 degrees providing excellent support and a classic fit. Designed around a 31.8 clamping diameter, the carbon laminate is flex-tuned to provide just the right flex profile and ride feel.
    NZ$ 289.00
  • ENVE M5 Handle Bar
    The M5 bar is a 760mm wide, 180g carbon flat bar. Designed with an offset grip position and 31.8mm clamping surface, the bar can be mounted in a positive or negative position. This versatile XC bar provides options for a riding position that is either 5mm higher or 5mm lower than a traditional flat bar, with both resulting in a similar 9 degree bend.
    NZ$ 289.00
  • ENVE SES Aero Road Bar
    An aerodynamically optimized road drop handlebar featuring the latest in electric drivetrain compatibility that will help you go faster through careful handlebar shaping and reducing the rider’s frontal area.
    NZ$ 670.00
  • ENVE Smart Compact Road Bar
    Developed in the wind tunnel and optimized for the road, the Smart ENVE System Aero Road Bar is built to deliver industry leading drag reduction, comfort, and handling precision.
    NZ$ 670.00
  • ENVE Compact Road Bar
    Because we understand that your ride experience can be determined by the comfort and control achieved with a handlebar, we take handlebar design seriously. The ENVE Road Handlebar is available in both a traditional and compact geometry and a variety of width options to meet the fitment needs of most cyclists.
    NZ$ 595.00
  • PRO Bike Gear Koryak Di2 Handlebar
    Handlebar for AM, Trail and XC
    Strong AL-2014 DB construction
    Handlebar for AM, Trail and XC
    NZ$ 109.99
  • Spank Oozy 760 Trail MTB Handle Bar
    The strength and stiffness of a gravity bar, with Trail tuned geometry and weight. SPANK Industries’ OOZY Trail 760 bar is dialed to enhance your trail experience. Boasting Super 6 alloy construction and Dual XGT tapers, the OOZY Trail 760 is exceptionally durable without tipping the scales.
    NZ$ 109.99
  • Spank Oozy 760 Vibrocore Handle Bar
    Whether its safety, price, or environmental responsibility, alloy has always been a favorite of many mountain bikers for bars. However, it wasn't until SPANK Industries introduced its patented Vibrocore™ anti vibration technology that alloy bars could match the stiffness, comfort and lightweight of carbon bars.
    NZ$ 119.99
  • Spank Spike 800 Race Handle Bar
    World Cup quality performance, developed with the pros. SPANK Industries' legendary SPIKE 800 Race handlebar is the 6th generation of the SPIKE Race handlebar legacy, developed in coordination with some of the world’s top DH and Enduro pros.
    NZ$ 179.99
    NZ$ 152.98
  • Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Handle Bar
    The theory behind Spank's VIBROCORE Impulse and Fatigue Dampening System is simple. First its important to understand that like all forms of energy, the vibrational energy that is transmitted through your bars to your hands, is made up of waves, which can be measured in amplitude and frequency.
    NZ$ 209.99
    NZ$ 178.49
  • Spank Spoon 785 Handle Bar
    The SPANK SPOON 785 handlebar is the cost effective upgrade to your cockpit. Built from MGR six series alloy the SPOON 785 Bar is rock solid in the park or on the trail. SPANK’s patented XGT taper process brings comfort and safety, while a Freeride inspired, All Mountain suitable geometry makes the Spoon 785 extremely versatile. With the SPOON 785 Bar, you can save a bit of money without sacrificing quality.
    NZ$ 109.99
    NZ$ 93.50
  • Profile Design Aerobar T2 + AL
    Affordable, lightweight aluminum construction
    Aggressive position “S-Bend” extensions for time-trial or triathlon
    NZ$ 239.99
    NZ$ 200.00
  • Profile Design T3+ AL Aerobar
    Extension Shape: The most neutral wrist position of the T+ Aluminum Series is achieved with the T3+ Aluminum.
    NZ$ 239.99
    NZ$ 200.00
  • Surly Open Bar Handlebar
    The Open bar is an upright bar but not an uptight bar. It’s equally suited to cruising, commuting, and even some singletrack, though it should be noted that this is not by any means a DH bar. We left it a bit flexy to take some of the harsh out of your ride
    NZ$ 110.00
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