Seat Clamps

    6061 T6 alloy seatpost clamp with quick-lift, quick-release lever.

    For aluminum seatposts.

    Diameters: 28.6mm, 31.8mm, 34.9mm.
    NZ$ 16.99
  • BBB - Seat Clamp - TheStrangler
    Screw-on 6061 T6 alloy seatpost clamp.

    For an aluminum seatpost.

    Diameters: 28.6mm, 31.8mm, 34.9mm
    NZ$ 14.98
  • BBB The Smoother Seat Clamp
    Quick-lift quick-release lever.
    Special smooth design to avoid any leg interaction.
    6061 T6 aluminum.
    For aluminum seatposts.
    Diameters: 28.6, 31.8 and 34.9 mm.
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Surly Constrictor Seat Post Clamp
    The Constrictor was designed specifically to end slipping seat posts. The extra-thick clamp utilizes an 8mm stainless bolt and accommodates a rear cantilever brake hanger, if you decide to go that route. The Constrictor is machined out of aluminum billet and black anodized. It's available in 30.0mm and 31.8mm sizes.
    NZ$ 30.00
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