Surly drivetrain parts
  • Surly Cassette Cog
    Our cassette-type cogs are designed to fit on standard Shimano compatible freehub bodies. These cogs have a tall tooth profile that is essential for preventing chain skip from the extra torque a singlespeed drivetrain encounters.
    NZ$ 64.89
    NZ$ 59.00
  • Surly Track Cogs
    Our track cogs are designed to spin onto standard ISO-threaded (1.375" x 24tpi) hubs, so they will work with most English, Italian and Japanese hubs, including the Surly New track hubs.
    NZ$ 59.00
  • Surly Stainless Steel Chainring
    on a drivetrain with a steel chain and steel cogs, why wouldn’t you want to use a steel chainring? Most chainrings on the market are made from aluminum, which is 35% softer than stainless steel.
    NZ$ 69.99
  • Surly O.D. Chainring
    Surly chainring for OD crank 36t_updated, 94bcd
    NZ$ 160.00
  • Surly Narrow Wide Chainring
    An issue many people ran into when they began using 1x (pronounced [whun-bahy]) setups was chain retention with the front chainring. In the beginning of the 1x movement, many companies dealt with this by using aftermarket chain keepers that somehow bolted to the frame.
    NZ$ 139.00
  • Surly Single Speed Spacer Kit
    Single Speed Spacer Kit

    Got a rear wheel from a geared bike collecting dust in your garage? Maybe it’s time you gave it some new life as a single-speed wheel. We now offer a single-speed spacer kit that allows you to use single-speed cassette cogs on the freehub body of your multi-speed Shimano cassette-compatible hub.

    With the supplied selection of anodized aluminum spacers, you can attain a perfect chainline to compliment your road, track, or mountain crankset. Our large-diameter stainless steel cassette lockring holds everything together and perfectly matches the outside diameter of the spacers. Plus, it matches the machined shoulder of our single-speed cassette cogs (not included). The lockring is machined to utilize a common Shimano cassette lockring tool for installation and removal. This isn’t just a mix of off-the-shelf parts; we went the extra distance to give you a kit that will provide maximum functionality, durability, and aesthetic value.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • Surly Singleator

    Midwest single-speed legend Pete Geigle developed the 1x1 Singleator so you single-speed virgins could taste the pure mountain biking experience without spending too much cash.
    NZ$ 99.00
  • Surly Tuggnut Chain Tensioner
    Ever stomp on the pedals just to have your rear wheel slide forward in the dropouts and throw your chain? We have....using all kinds of hubs in all kinds of frames.
    NZ$ 64.99
    NZ$ 60.00
  • Surly Hurdy Gurdy
    Hurdy Gurdy is another nifty device that keeps a rear wheel from slipping forward in the dropout under pedal load.
    NZ$ 87.00
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