Fat Bike Tyres

  • Surly Black Floyd Tires 26 x 3.8 60tp
    Sometimes a lot of tread isn’t necessary. Sometimes, even on a fat bike,you don’t want to run real low pressure in your tires. Sometimes even fat bikes want to stretch their legs and run.
    NZ$ 200.00
  • Surly Bud 26 x 4.8
    This is Bud, a front-specific 4.8˝ tire designed for 559mm (“26 inch”) rims. While our 100mm Clown Shoe rims will offer the most ground contact and the best shape profile, Bud
    NZ$ 220.00
  • Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 2.75 Tyre
    An aggressive tread focused on traction and control in loose and varied terrain, with beveled leading edge dual row knobs in the center and well-spaced, siped edge knobs to dig into loose corners.
    NZ$ 120.00
  • Surly Knard 26 x 3.8
    The same tread as our other Knard offerings, it's a web of closely spaced blocks designed to grab terrain and hold it hostage until it’s done with it.
    NZ$ 130.00
  • Surly Lou 26 x 4.8 Folding Tyre
    Lou is the 26 x 4.8” rear-specific mate to Bud. Lou’s tread is much like Bud’s with tall knobs designed to grind, crawl and claw its way over rooty, rocky, wet, muddy, loose or otherwise inhospitable terrain
    NZ$ 220.00
  • Surly Nate 26 x 3.8 Tyres
    We named this tire for our friend Nate, who is himself large and aggressive. This tire has a shred-your-face-off, run-over-anything, kung fu grip knobby tread pattern.
    NZ$ 130.00
  • Surly tyre Knard 29 x 3 27tpi
    his is our popular, fast rolling Knard tread applied to a 29+ casing. What’s 29+? It’s a tire meant for rims with a bead seat diameter of 622mm (29˝),
    NZ$ 120.00


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