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    The Monarch is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its new lightweight design not only delivers silky smooth travel, but thanks to a redesigned Solo Air spring with updated damping controls, it also delivers a spring rate you’d generally only get from a much heavier coil shock. So you get a durable, fully adjustable shock capable of smoothing out the most aggressive trails, while simultaneously saving you weight for epic cross country riding. In other words, the perfect balance of performance and efficiency. So don’t be fooled by its appearance. Like the wolf, its packaging doesn’t always reveal what’s inside.

    Monarch RT3

    Featuring silky smooth travel in a new lightweight design, Monarch floats through bumps even better than before, turning rugged trails into tire-gripping velvet. The chassis is lean while maintaining the durability and adjustability needed to bite off huge chunks of burly trail action and epic cross country.

    Specifications for Monarch RT3

    WEIGHT 215g
    DAMPING External rebound, 3 position compression (Open/Pedal/Lock)
    CONFIGURATIONS 165x38mm, 184x44mm, 190x51mm, 200x51mm, 200x57mm, 216x63mm
    REBOUND DAMPING Rapid Recovery
    SPRING DebonAir
    SPRING ADJUST Air pressure via single schrader valve
    SHAFT MATERIAL 7075 aluminum
    BODY MATERIAL Hard anodized, forged aluminum with sag gradients
    BODY FINISH Fast Black
    UPGRADE over RL: 3 position floodgate lever
    OPTIONS Also available in 197x48mm and 197x51mm with AutoSag and Specialized mount, 184x48mm and 197x57mm DebonAir with Trek mount
    OTHER Weight based on 165x38mm, standard air can, no hardware



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