Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two Wheelset

Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two Wheelset
For a race against time ... Bora™ Ultra™ Two™ is the must-have for specialized professional use and those looking for that extra competitive edge.

The Bora™ Ultra™ Two™ wheelset provides maximum aerodynamic perfrormance, extreme lightness, and a surprising reactivity combined with incredible smoothness, which are charactersitics every cyclist wants.

The secret of this legendary wheelset lies in the details that make it truely unique and unrivalled, along with the innumerable victories achieved.

High performance is also obtained from the hubs, made of structural carbon fibre with variable sections and spherical surfaces with Record™ class mechanics. Plus, our exclusive CULT™ technology is taking the extraordinary performance of Bora™ another step higher. The dynamic balance that stabilizes Bora™ Ultra™ Two wheels at high speed is now provided by the newly designed distribution of carbon fibre on the side opposite the valve
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Wheelset Weight: 1310g

Rim Profile: Full carbon 50mm profile tubular rim provides maximum aerodynamic penetration, extremely light weight and the highest degree of lateral stiffness and reactivity of the wheel.

Exclusive Rim Printing System: Paint is no longer required, thus reducing weight and a resulting in a surface free of imperfections.

RDB™ Rim Dynamic Balance: Exculsive system that assures perfect balancing of the rim even at high speeds.

G3™  Spoke Pattern: Perfect balance of the spoke tensions on both sides of the wheel. Reduces stress and vibration, increases rigidity and transmission of power to the wheel.

Aerodynamic Spokes: Provide maximum aerodynamic penetration, reducing drag and saving riders energy.

CULT™ : Highest quality ceramic balls with races in special Cronitect™  steel. Nine times smoother than standard systems.

Carbon Hubs: Provides a high degree of lateral stiffness and reduces weight to a minimum.

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