KS Lev Dropper Post

KS Lev Dropper Post
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LEV has always represented the latest technology but is already a classic among top contending dropper posts. With a myriad of firsts to it’s name; first hydraulic dropper to offer zero cable movement, first dropper to offer adjustable rotational orientation, first dropper to win a UCI World XC Eliminator event and first in countless enduros, magazine tests and customer satisfaction polls, LEV comes back in 2015 ready to be the first dropper seatpost to outperform itself. The latest LEV returns in all black livery shedding over 50 grams from its predecessor by integrating a high compression carbon fiber head clamp, RECOURSE ULTRALIGHT cable system and KGSL superlight remote.


Diameter  30.9mm
Length / Travel  335mm / 100mm
 385mm / 125mm
 435mm / 150mm
 400mm / 100mm
Actuation  KGSL carbon remote w/ RECOURSE ULTRALIGHT zero movement cable system
Head / Rail  Zero offset two-bolt microadjust / standard rail
Color  Black ano mast / black collar / hard black anodized stanchion
Weight  480-605g
Accessories  N/A
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