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    2022 Giant Bikes Are Now Arriving

    2022 Giant Bikes Are Now Arriving

    Good news from Cycle Science and Giant Bicycles.

    We are now starting to receive our new Giant 2022 bikes. These models are starting to drip feed into the shop over the next few months.

    If you are looking for a Giant E-Bike, Road, or Mountain bike, you can pre-order via the form below.

    2022 Giant Pre-Order Form

    One of our staff will then contact you with an estimated delivery time. Please note we require a 20% deposit when holding or pre-ordering any bicycles.

    2022 Giant Models Available

    You can view some of the 2022 models available here. We will also be updating the list with more models as they become available to purchase.

    How to Maintain Your Suspension Fork

    How to Maintain Your Suspension Fork

    There are numerous ways to keep your bike's suspension forks running smooth and efficient. In this article, we look at how you can keep your front suspension functioning as it should.


    Fork Lubrication - What You Should know?

    To keep your suspension forks running properly it is important to keep your forks well lubricated. That means adequate lubrication is applied to the inside of the fork and that all dirt and contaminants are kept outside of the fork.

    By regularly using the correct oil-based lubrication system you will keep the bushes and seals working without friction. Oil is applied to the lower legs to help lubricate the bushes and seals within the fork.

    Each model of fork uses a different oil weight and amount. This depends on the model and brand of the suspension fork. Most manufacturers provide this in their servicing details.

    To keep the dirt out and lessen the friction, suspension forks contain multiple seals in different sizes. All forks also contain external dust seals that help prevent any dirt from entering into the forks through the suspension's stanchion tubes.

    It is important to keep all seals regularly lubricated and clean from contaminants. This can be done at home if you have access to a suspension kit, or through your bicycle dealer.


    How to keep dirt out of suspension forks

    Keeping Dirt Out of Suspension Forks

    To keep dirt and other contaminants out of your suspension forks, it is important to keep the seals lubricated. It is also important to keep the suspension's stanchion tubes clean from dirt. You can do this by cleaning them with water or a damp cloth. Remember if you use a jet wash, not to aim the water directly at the seals. Be sure to clean around the seals and between the stanchions and fork arch.

    mountain bike suspension service

    Long Term Fork Protection

    If you look after your suspension forks, they will perform as they should and last for years. Some tips to help protect your investment can pay dividends in the future. 

    Using mudguards can help protect the stanchions from dirt and stones being thrown up by the front wheel. One common front mudguard is the Marsh Guard. The Marsh Guard is a simple front mudguard that is easy to install and does well at protecting your fork from debris.  

    Other products like frame protection can help protect the paint from cable rub, caused by the front disc brake hose.  

    Last but not least is servicing of your forks. Forks even though they're well-sealed, require regular maintenance.  

    We recommend servicing your forks at 50 hours and then again around 150 hours. After 150 hours we recommend you have a full oil change.

    If you need front or rear suspension service, our qualified mechanics can perform full suspension service on all fork brands and models instore. Contact us to book your suspension service today.

    All New 2022 Pivot Cycles - Mountain Bike & E-Bike

    All New 2022 Pivot Cycles - Mountain Bike & E-Bike

    Founded in 2007 by Chris Cocalis, Pivot Cycles has risen to one of the most trusted mountain bike brands on the market.

    Relatively new to the New Zealand market, Pivot Cycles has gained massive recognition as one of the best-performing bicycles on the market.

    Luckily for us at Cycle Science we have the pleasure of stocking a full range of Pivot mountain bikes and e-bikes.

    Cleck here to see the full range of Pivot Cycles

    2022 Pivot Cycles - What's New?  

    With the 2021 season nearly coming to an end, 2022 bikes are already being released to the public. One of these bikes is the Pivot Firebird.

    The Pivot Firebird has one goal, and that is to be the fastest enduro bike on the market. The long-travel 29er is tailored towards the rider that wants to tear down the mountain. Yet climbs with more authority than bikes offering less travel.

    The Geometry of the Firebird has a relaxed headtube, long reach, and generous wheelbase. Giving the Pivot Firebird high-speed composure, balance, and responsiveness.

    Pivot Firebird

    2022 Pivot Firebird For pre-order please contact us

    Another bike for 2021/2022 is the Pivot Switchblade.Tailored to conquer any mountain, the progressive geometry and steepened seat tube helps the Switchblade handle longer travel dropper posts.

    The all new compact frame design also helps to cut down excess weight and greatly reduces stand over height and increases the frames overall stiffness.

    If you are looking for an all-mountain mountain bike with more travel and unrivaled versatility, the Pivot Switchblade is for you.

    Pivot Switchblade

    To read more about the Pivot Switchblade click here

    Pivot eMTBs - Cutting Edge Technology at your Fingertips

    eMTBs in New Zealand has been growing rapidly over the past few years. Because of this, there has never been an easier way to ride trails that were out of reach before.

    Designed for the hardcore mountain biker that wants the same cutting-edge technology, geometry, and suspension as your typical enduro or downhill mountain bike. E-bikes give you the freedom to explore trails you have never been able to ride before.

    The Pivot Shuttle is one of these bikes. The shuttle has really changed the way we think about electric assisted mountain biking. Designed to be lighter, sleek and beautifully crafted, the Pivot Shuttle seamlessly integrates the motor and battery into the carbon fiber frame.

    Running the sophisticated Shimano EP8 drive unit and a massive 726 Wh battery, the Shuttle will take you places further than you have ever been.

    Pivot Shuttle Team

    You can read more about the Pivot Shuttle here
    For the 2022 Pivot Shuttle please contact us

    We have a large range of other e-bikes in stock from brands like Specialized, Giant, Liv and Santa Cruz. Upgrade with a new e mountain bike and increase your average bike speed over the trails.

    Winter Bike Maintenance Tips

    Winter Bike Maintenance Tips

    Winter conditions can be hard on your bike, whether you're riding a mountain bike or road bike. Knowing how to correctly look after your bike throughout winter will help prevent any unnecessary wear and tear.

    Here are some of our best tips to help you look after your bike throughout winter.

    Clean Your Bike Regularly

    Cleaning of the frame, drivetrain, and forks will help prevent premature and irreparable wear. That means after wet conditions cleaning all moving parts of the bike with degreaser and re-lubing them again. Remember not to blast water directly into bearings and to dry down the bike when you are finished.

    Shop Cleaning Tools >>

    Regular Servicing

    As well as regular cleaning of your bike, it is important to have your bike routinely checked by a qualified mechanic. They can help you replace any worn parts and keep your bike in good running condition.

    Book A Service >>

    Consistent Lubing

    Using the right chain lube for the right conditions can help prevent drivetrain wear and keep your chain running smooth. Wet chain lube is widely recommended for muddy wet conditions, while dry lube is used for dry conditions. Remember to degrease and clean your chain from any dirt and grime before applying fresh chain lube.

    Shop Lubricants >>

    Check Your Brakes

    Wet and muddy conditions often contaminate brake pads. Whether you are riding a disc or rim brake bike, it is important to keep brake pads and rotors clean from contaminants. Wiping down your disc brake rotors and pads with a clean rag can help prevent dirt and oils from being logged into the brake pads. If you are struggling with poor performing brakes or noisy disc brake pads, a specific brake cleaner can help prevent the disc pads from absorbing contaminants.

    Shop Disc Brake Cleaner >>

    Try Using Mudguards

    Mudguards are a great way to keep your bike clean. There are many types of mudguards on the market that fit all types of bikes. They also help protect suspension forks from wear and helps keep dirt and grime away from your face while riding.

    Choose Your Mudguards >> 

    Keep Your Bike Indoors

    While this may seem common sense, many people leave their bikes outside. Keeping your bike inside during the winter months can help keep your bike in good condition. It will also help protect electronics and the drivetrain from wet conditions and the cold.

    At Cycle Science we have a range of lubrication and cleaning products to help keep your bike in tip-top condition. We also have a professional servicing department to service forks, brakes, and general maintenance.

    Shop Storage >>