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    Bobby Dazzler - Good to use on cars, caravans & motorhomes

    Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler is a hydrophobic protective surface coating, it actively repels water, dirt and algae, it gives you that showroom finish without the need to polish. Simply apply during rinsing without the hard work of polishing. It is suitable for use on plastics, aluminium, glass, acrylic windows, GRP, ABS, fibreglass, decals, sealants, paint and much more. Does not contain silicone.

    How to use Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler

    Step 1: Pour 1 capful of Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler Afterwash Protective Coating into 5 litres of cold clean water.
    Step 2: Apply to surfaces from top to bottom using a spray, sponge or brush.
    Step 3: Use a micro-fibre cloth in hard water areas or on warm or windy days.

    Handy hints

    Cleaning first with Fenwicks Cleaner Concentrate will always result in a superior finish. A quick rub over with a dry cloth will remove any water marks. Use on your car for a dazzling afterwash shine.

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