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    Correctly installed cleats are noticeable from the first ride with the rider experiencing more power, more comfort, and more efficiency. The Ergon TP1 allows for the accurate adjustment of the three axis which are important when installing cleats: fore/aft position, the stance (Q-Factor), and foot angle. While pedaling, leg power is transformed over your feet into propulsion. Therefore the right position of the feet is of the utmost importance, as it determines performance and comfort. The TP1 is the first tool for the precise and easy adjustment of cycling cleats. It is used by many professional teams and bike-fitting specialists around the world.

    Technical Specifications

    • Name: TP1 Shimano SPD-SL®, TP1 Shimano SPD®, TP1 LOOK KéO®
    • Use: Road, Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross
    • Size: One Size
    • Color: White
    • Shoe Size: One-Size-Fits-All
    • Material: Tech. Polypropylene