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    NEWS FLASH! CARBON and MATT frame owners

    FS-10 Cleans CARBON and MATT frames, leaving them with a perfect finish, it always has done and always will do. Why pay extra? For expensive, overpriced cleaners

    FS-10 Bike Cleaner - No acids or solvents, ideal for all bikes

    Unlike many competitor products manufactured from powdered raw materials, which leave a powdery residue when dry, Fenwicks FS-10 Bike Cleaner uses a complex blend of liquid raw materials which cleans deeply and easily to leave exceptionally clean contaminant-free surfaces. 

    • Safe for you, your bike and the environment. 
    • Free from caustics, metasilicates, abrasives and silicone. 
    • Safe for use on all bike parts including carbon fibre, disc brakes, delicate anodised parts, etc.

    How to use FS-10

    No need to wet bike beforehand even when dirt is dried on.

    Step 1: Spray bike thoroughly with Fenwicks FS-10 Bike Cleaner.
    Step 2: Allow to soak in for a couple of minutes before cleaning off.
    Step 3: Agitate dirt with brush or sponge.
    Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

    After clean care

    Apply Fenwicks Multi-Purpose Lubricant to chain, mech and cables to disperse water. Relube with any Fenwicks chain lubes. This helps prevent corrosion and keeps your bike running smoothly

    [Please note packaging differs from above, product is identical.]

    *Please note that our specifications may be impacted by running substitution changes, we highly recommend confirming the specifications of our products at the time of sale. *Recommended Retail Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary from store to store depending on freighting and assembly costs. Please read our Terms & Conditions

    *Giant & Liv Bicycles are available for purchase online, but due to warranty regulations, must be shipped to qualified Giant dealers, as bicycles must be assembled by a qualified bike mechanic in an approved store - This is an international policy and usually will require an additional fee to build the bike. This will be confirmed by one of our online staff after purchase of the bike.

    *Specialized Bicycles are available for home delivery nation wide.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Gary Swift

    Fenwicks is a great bicycle cleaner. BUT may i stress this enough it does not taste up to my High. standards I much prefer the Dreamy Taste of peatys Loam Foam If you are looking for an extraordinary tasting product i strongly advise you to Purchase To buy Peatys But If you want a creamy looking ride then look no further than Fenwicks Almost perfect Just not very mouth Pleasing :(

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