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    The Dirty Little Scrubber goes heavy on clean chains and crisp shifts and light on mess, spills and faff. Slap it on your chain whenever you wash your whip and watch your drivetrain transform from ghastly to glorious in a few spins of the cranks. It's quick and simple to use - no more excuses for running a dirty chain!

    Using the Dirty Little Scrubber is easy. Just pour a small amount of degreaser into the lower bath; a little goes a long way, with only 20ml of product needed to fill to the line. Clip the top and bottom sections together to enclose your chain and turn the cranks to get the chain moving. That's all it takes to get all the little brushes inside working to apply the degreaser and thoroughly brush it in, making sure it penetrates deep into the links. All the grime that was living in your chain is collected in the bottom of the Scrubber, rather than all over your floor. Rinse the chain off and you're done! Your chain is now spotlessly clean and ready to be treated to your favourite lubricant.

    The Scrubber will keep your shifts slick and will help guarantee your bits last longer, meaning more cash for after-work beers and fewer “is she dead?” calls to your local bike shop. 

    • Suitable for use on all types of bike - Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Commuter

    • Fast, clean, and easy to use

    • Tough Nylon brushes

    • No-hands use when setup with a straight chain line

    • Minimises cleaning product use – only 20ml of Dirt Juice Boss chain cleaner per fill!

    • Removes grease, grime and oil in seconds

    • Easy to dismantle and clean after use

    • Makes drivetrain last longer

    • Minimises mess

    • Reduces cleaning time

    *Please note that our specifications may be impacted by running substitution changes, we highly recommend confirming the specifications of our products at the time of sale. *Recommended Retail Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary from store to store depending on freighting and assembly costs. Please read our Terms & Conditions

    *Giant & Liv Bicycles are available for purchase online, but due to warranty regulations, must be shipped to qualified Giant dealers, as bicycles must be assembled by a qualified bike mechanic in an approved store - This is an international policy and usually will require an additional fee to build the bike. This will be confirmed by one of our online staff after purchase of the bike.

    *Specialized Bicycles are available for home delivery nation wide.

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