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    Who doesn't love a bit of camo? 
    Militarise your bike with Stay Skinz, Camo! On a transparent background it blends perfectly into your bike's natural colour scheme, providing bomb-proof protection for your chain and seat stays. 



    • High performance and eco savvy clip, clout, clobber, chip, chafe, crash protection for your precious bike bits
    • Universal fitting: suitable for alloy and carbon frames
    • Super clean and easy installation and removal
    • Exceptional clarity and stylish designs
    • Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK; the land of muck

    We spent forever (and a bit longer), sourcing the right materials but we are happy as pigs in shit with the end product and hope you will be too. Using materials normally used on Motocross, Karts, ATVs, Snowmobiles and Jet Skis with a strong, clear pressure-sensitive adhesive that is super clean to apply and remove, the end result is a 300 micron composite vinyl (that's metric by the way), that offers outstanding performance and crystal clear graphics while also being pliable enough to conform to the endless contours of each and every bike frame.  

    Did we say the vinyl is Cadmium-free? WTF is that, you may ask. Straight from https://www.greenfacts.org/en/cadmium/ Normally found in PVC materials, Cadmium is toxic to plants, animals and micro-organisms. Being a simple chemical element, Cadmium is persistent – it cannot be broken down into less toxic substances in the environment. Basically, it's not very nice so we got rid of it. 

    If that's not enough, with graphics printed using eco-friendly ink and sandwiched in-between the vinyl layers for added protection, the end product is bundled inside its dedicated recycled cardboard packaging, keeping it safe while it heads to you. 

    2 x seat stay protectors
    2 x chain stay protectors

    The patches are compatible with most seat and chain stays. 

    Nothing other than a good eye (although two are better), and a relatively careful pair of hands are needed when fitting, as the adhesive allows you to reposition the patches if you make a dog's dinner of it.
    If you feel the urge to fettle, simply trim away with a trusty pair of scissors

    *Please note that our specifications may be impacted by running substitution changes, we highly recommend confirming the specifications of our products at the time of sale. *Recommended Retail Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary from store to store depending on freighting and assembly costs. Please read our Terms & Conditions

    *Giant & Liv Bicycles are available for purchase online, but due to warranty regulations, must be shipped to qualified Giant dealers, as bicycles must be assembled by a qualified bike mechanic in an approved store - This is an international policy and usually will require an additional fee to build the bike. This will be confirmed by one of our online staff after purchase of the bike.

    *Specialized Bicycles are available for home delivery nation wide.

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