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    Multi-Purpose Lube - For cleaning & lubrication of metal parts & components

    Fenwicks Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a highly penetrating lubricant which instantly repels water and leaves a protective coating. Ideal for cleaning and lubrication of chains, cables, gear shifters and mechs. Can be used to loosen metal to metal bonds i.e. releases, stuck, rusted or frozen parts. Will dissolve adhesives, therefore can be used to clean off labels and tar.

    How to use Multi-Purpose Lube

    Shake can before use. For general lubrication and water dispersal.

    Step 1: Apply short bursts to components - chains, cables, gear shifters and mechs.
    Step 2: Wipe off excess.

    Quick and easy chain cleaning.

    Step 1: To loosen contaminants - Place chain in middle gear for ease of use.
    Step 2: Spray Fenwicks Multi-Purpose Lubricant directly on to chain for one rotation.
    Step 3: Rotate the chain a dozen times to work in the product.
    Step 4: Whilst using prolonged bursts on the chain rotate the crank until fully covered.
    Step 5: Using a cloth or paper towel continue to rotate the chain and wipe away any contaminants and excess product.

    Handy hints

    Avoid spraying on to brakes and braking surfaces.

    *Specifications are subject to change. Please read our Terms & Conditions

    *Giant & Liv Bicycles are available for purchase online, but due to warranty regulations, must be shipped to qualified Giant dealers, as bicycles must be assembled by a qualified bike mechanic in an approved store - This is an international policy and usually will require an additional fee to build the bike. This will be confirmed by one of our online staff after purchase of the bike.

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