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    Fenwicks Top & Tail Toilet Fluid - For all chemical toilets

    Fenwicks Top & Tail is the original GREEN formaldehyde free environmentally friendly dual action toilet fluid, designed for top and bottom tanks. Fenwicks Top & Tail added to the top tank, provides a hygienic, fragrant toilet every time you flush. With added slip and lubricating agents to help the toilet function perfectly. Added to the bottom tank, Fenwicks Top & Tail breaks down waste safely without the use of toxic or harmful chemicals. Can also be used as a bottom tank only product.

    When using Fenwicks Top & Tail in the top tank, the bottom tank is not being weakened as the flush water is added. Which makes it easier to use and also more economical.

    Fenwicks Top & Tail has been designed to improve the function on non-mains toilets, by lubricating the rubber seals and shutter and coating the bowl with slip agents to keep it clean and fresh.

    Fenwicks Top & Tail also conforms to our strict environmental policy, so it does not contain the highly toxic and carcinogenic formaldehyde. This also means that it can be disposed of down the normal sewerage system, instead of a dedicated deposit. The toilet fluid has a seven day cycle which breaks waste down efficiently, killing germs and bacteria. It has a fresh smell too.

    How to use Fenwicks Top & Tail 

    Top tank

    Add 50ml of Fenwicks Top & Tail to the flush water compartment and fill with water.

    Bottom tank

    Prime with 2 litres of water, then add 125ml of Fenwicks Top & Tail to every 20 litres of bottom tank capacity.

    How to dispose Fenwicks Top & Tail

    Safe for disposal at dedicated points and mains sewer.

    Handy hints

    When crossing over from a formaldehyde based product, wash the toilet cassette thoroughly with Fenwicks Waste Pipe & Tank Cleaner. This kills the formaldehyde, which would otherwise stop theFenwicks Top & Tail from working. Regular cleaning once a month with Fenwicks Waste Pipe & Tank Cleaner will help maintain the efficiency of your toilet.

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